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Package - Invoices

  • With the TreeINFO package for SharePoint, you can start processing invoices within 5 days of purchasing the package.
  • An open solution you can customize and expand.

Unique automated processing of received invoices

How to get the package

  • Contact our consultant
  • Get information and a quotation
  • Install the software with our support
  • Make the most out of its benefits immediately

Easy conversion of invoices to digital form

  • When scanned or saved in the system, each invoice is marked with a unique identifier – a barcode that can be used to find the invoice in the system.
  • Ergonomic form with pdf invoice preview allows rapid data entry using the “Copy and Paste” feature.
  • To prevent errors when entering data, selected fields are filled from pre-defined code lists and the values are validated before the form is saved (e.g. check of correct data formats and types – numbers, dates, required fields).
  • Invoice forms with advanced features such as dynamic Billing table allow easier completion of further steps in the approval process and correct entry in the accounting system.

Fast approval

  • The expanded Approver checklist provides information important for decision-making. This checklist includes all tasks waiting to be processed by the user; each task has data important for approval of the given invoice.
  • Users receive email notifications when tasks and invoice approval or processing requests are assigned to them. The email contains a link that opens the invoice form and options for completing the task.
  • The steps of the approval process can be easily set in the invoice form or using rules in the Approval matrix.

Easy search

  • All processed invoices are automatically moved to the Invoice archive.
  • Users can easily find invoices using parameters specified in the search form. Search results can be refined using filters. Users can easily filter for example all invoices from a specific supplier or all invoices to be approved, etc.
  • Other documents are often related to invoices. Use the References and Attachments fields in the invoice form to easily create links. Related documents (such as Contracts, Receipt slips or Bills of Delivery) are easily accessible directly in the invoice form.
  • All steps of invoice processing, i.e. author and date of tasks and approvals, are recorded in a clearly organised Workflow history table. This table is a part of the invoice form and provides a complete audit track of the invoice.

Optional extensions

The application TreeINFO for SharePoint – Invoices covers the majority of the solution for processing supplier invoices and meets the fundamental needs of this digital process.

It also creates space for further extensions and for building a comprehensive modern paperless solution for processing supplier invoices.

Technical requirements

The package is based on Microsoft SharePoint and the application extension TreeINFO for SharePoint.

Supported platforms: Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016, Microsoft SharePoint 2019, Microsoft Office 365 (SharePoint Online).

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