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We will help you create a complete ECM solution on the SharePoint platform and encourage sharing of information, documents and forms among employees.

  • Package solutions

    • Rapid deployment in under 5 days and immediate use without training
    • SharePoint extension to manage common internal processes
    • Digital management and circulation of documents and forms
  • Solution and development

    • Extension application for designing and developing your own solutions in SharePoint
    • Tools for creating ergonomic user interfaces
    • Designing forms and workflows without programming
  • Integration and connection

    • Connection with internal information and economic systems
    • Direct integration with SAP ERP systems
    • SharePoint extension for content management using OpenText products
  • Storage and archiving

    • Long-term reliable storage of documents in accordance with the law
    • Cloud storage support
    • Integration with document and content management systems (DMS, ECM)
  • Digitisation and mining

    • Complete equipment of digitisation facilities
    • The most advanced software for data mining
    • Digitisation and mining as a service

Why use our services?

  • Important documents and information always available
  • Processes managed with just a few clicks
  • Company documents stored securely in the Cloud
  • Mobile applications support document sharing and approval
  • Your SharePoint is linked to ERP or economic systems
  • All SharePoint content is stored in accordance with the law
  • ...allowing you to fully focus on the development of your business

Sabris competence:

  • We understand your needs in document management
  • We are developing our own product TreeINFO for SharePoint
  • We have a team of SharePoint senior consultants
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Do documents complicate your life? Let us simplify it for you. contact us