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TreeINFO packages for SharePoint – deployment in under 5 days

Choose one of our quickly deployable agendas for working with documents and forms in SharePoint:

TreeINFO for SharePoint

Effective support of your internal processes, management and circulation of documents and forms – digital, easy and quick.


  • Immediate access to documents and information
  • Clear and user-friendly application interface
  • Broad search options

Primary advantages of package deployment:

  • Rapid deployment within days thanks to pre-defined agendas.
  • Easier work in Microsoft SharePoint – intuitive controls without the need for user training.
  • Low cost of running the application – once the project is complete, your trained administrators manage the application.
  • Use of the globally supported and proven Microsoft platform is a guarantee of stability and long-term support.

TreeINFO for SharePoint delivers ready-made solutions focused on specific processes of working with documents and specific types of documents and forms, including capability of rapid development of other bespoke solutions.

It is an integrated extension for Microsoft SharePoint developed by Sabris based on years of experience and proven procedures in process and document management (ECM).

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