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Paperless office

The easy way to move your documents from binders to electronic storage in Microsoft SharePoint.

Digitisation and mining

  • Clear records of documents and loss prevention
  • Fast data acquisition from documents and error rate reduction
  • Significant time savings when working with forms
  • Reduced costs of archiving paper documents

We offer comprehensive solutions for scanning documents, including barcode recognition and image enhancement tools, electronic conversion and archiving of documents, electronic signature and date stamp support, indexing and data mining from structured and unstructured documents.

Document processing is provided in the form of setting up a scanning site directly in your company or by outsourcing in our digitisation centre.

We supply the technology of world-class producers ABBYY, OpenText or Kofax as well as powerful document scanners.

In digitisation and document mining, we specialize in:

  • Analysis of scanning needs and further document processing
  • Supply of professional scanners and scanning software
  • Custom scanning solutions based on customer needs
  • Adding electronic signature to documents and optical archiving
  • Mining of structured and unstructured paper documents (OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode and patch code recognition)
  • Automation of paper form processing (elimination of manual data copying)
  • Transfer of scanned and mined data to any third-party system (ERP, economic systems, CRM, etc.)

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