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Dynamic times require flexible solutions.

Extension applications for Microsoft SharePoint that allow you to quickly respond to the needs of your business and further develop the solution to support the growth of your company.

We can design and build custom solutions for customers with specific requirements not covered by the package solutions TreeINFO for SharePoint.

Examples of implemented custom solutions:

Documentation of investment projects

Required properties and features:

  • Aggregation of all project documentation
  • Cooperation and documentation exchange with external parties
  • Interactive work with documentation using workflows
  • Management of documentation handover
  • Management of change requests in the project
  • Interface for easy searching of documents

Specific features of the solution:

  • Automatic creation of complete project websites
  • Pre-defined structure of documentation with automatic attribute assignment
  • Expanded workflow options
  • Tools for cooperation and exchange of documents with external parties
  • User access management and security
  • Tools for simple parameter-based searching

Main benefits

  • Documents consolidation in single storage
  • Fast search
  • History of documents and processes
  • Transparent management and security of access to documentation
  • Documents accessible in the field and on mobile devices

Portal for management of shared services requests

Required properties and features:

  • Submitting requests via a simple intuitive interface
  • Management of request processing by different teams and employees
  • Processing speed
  • Getting feedback from request authors

Specific features of the solution:

  • Simplified responsive interface for computers and mobile devices
  • Full-text search in all properties of a request
  • Complete “biography” of every request
  • Time reporting
  • Integration with third party systems
  • Bulk creation of requests

Main benefits

  • Simple creation and control of requests by their authors
  • Summary of all requests for the SSC manager
  • Capacity planning
  • KPIs of SSC personnel based on assessment by request authors

TreeINFO for SharePoint (the basic module) is a web application consisting of many functional components that expand the possibilities of Microsoft SharePoint.

The application has a common configuration interface with detailed descriptions and examples of settings for each component as well as tools for graphical design of forms and workflows.

Overview of tools and functional components* of TreeINFO for SharePoint and examples of their use:

* Each component can be used separately or in combination with other components to create advanced solutions with modern and ergonomic user interface.

Why choose TreeINFO for SharePoint?

  • Expanding the functionality of SharePoint
    Broader options of use of the SharePoint platform
  • Use across applications
    The functionality of components can be used across other applications – agendas in SharePoint
  • Management and configuration interface
    Simple configuration and solution design with integrated help and examples.
  • Regular updates and new features
    Expanding functionality under Software Assurance.

TreeINFO for SharePoint

Supported technology:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016, SharePoint Online (Office 365)*

The TreeINFO for SharePoint application can be hosted on an IIS Server (IIS 7+) using your own infrastructure or as a hosted web application in Cloud.

* Some functionality may be limited if deployed in an online environment. These are mainly the features of the External Lookup column and configuration of direct link to applications outside the cloud infrastructure (e.g. direct lookup in ERP or SQL in internal infrastructure).

Nintex Workflow

Microsoft SharePoint extension with a tool for graphical design and configuration of workflow without programming.

Nintex Workflow is designed for simple design and setup of circulation processes of documents and information (approval, commenting, etc.) in SharePoint without the need of advanced knowledge of information systems and programming.

Nintex Workflow will help you automate and speed up internal processes while making them more transparent. It also provides easy connection to and communication with external systems.

Nintex Workflow highlights:

  • Easy design – browser-based graphic design tool
  • Prepared elements for workflow steps –simply drag to insert into a schema and setup the configuration
  • Create your own elements for recurring use in workflows
  • Monitor status and progress with visualized workflow chart

Other features of Nintex Workflow:

  • Inactivity notifications and task delegation
  • Replaceability settings for times of absence
  • LazyApproval – approval via email by simple replying “Yes”, “Approved” or “Rejected” to a task notification

Find out more on the Nintex website:

Nintex Workflow is available for these editions of SharePoint:

  • SharePoint Server
  • SharePoint Foundation
  • Office 365 (SharePoint Online)

Nintex Forms

Microsoft SharePoint and Nintex Workflow extension tool for simple graphic design and form building without having to know any programming.

Nintex Forms will help you create your own user-friendly forms that also work on mobile devices. You can create different versions of your form for various end devices from one place.

If you use Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms will complement its functionality with clear and well-designed forms.

Nintex Workflow highlights:

  • Browser-based graphic design
  • Building of ergonomic and user-friendly forms for different types of devices - PC, tablets, mobile phones
  • Possible automatic generation of forms using Nintex Workflow

Find out more on the Nintex website:

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