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We will help you connect MS SharePoint to third party systems.

We generally use web services for integration; in some cases we use communication via shared databases on a database server.

SAP is one of the most widely used ERP systems on the market, which is why integration of our SharePoint applications and solutions with SAP is one of our primary areas of interest.

Moreover, we have been a long-time SAP partner and our competence covers a large part of the SAP product portfolio. For more information on our SAP solutions, see the Sabris website.

In many cases, it is very useful for users to share information stored in the SAP system and in SharePoint, or exchange data under one expanded agenda.

The goal is for every user to use primarily their main system, without having to log in other systems to get certain information.

In practice, integration most commonly covers the following areas:

  • Taking over code lists and data from SAP systems (customers, invoices, cost centres, etc.).
  • Exchange of information between systems (links to documents, data, etc.).
  • Connecting workflows, particularly the option to start processing in SAP, perform other steps in an ECM system (approval, collection of more data, etc.) and returning the result to SAP.
  • Making documents accessible directly from SAP.
  • Saving documents and reports created in SAP in ECM systems.

OpenText products expand the capabilities of SharePoint in different areas, both in ECM and in connecting to third party systems.

OpenText products for Microsoft SharePoint:

The following paragraphs briefly describe products and provide links to the website of OpenText, which has been our business and support partner for over 10 years.

OpenText™ Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft® SharePoint®
allows you to set user access only to specific Sharepoint structures in line with internal rules and regulations of the company, control automatic creation of websites, assignment of rights and apply lifecycle rules.

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft SharePoint
supports cooperation and coordination between internal and external teams of users who work with SAP, Oracle EBS, Salesforce and other third-party ERP or CRM applications.

OpenText™ Brava!™ for Microsoft® SharePoint®
allows viewing, commenting and editing documents in SharePoint, and if needed, provides a simple tool to black out data such as business secrets or personal data.
Seznamte se blíže s produktem OpenText Brava! a shlédněte záznam našeho webináře.

OpenText™ Blazon™ for Microsoft® SharePoint®
allows quick and easy conversion of various types of documents (Word, Excel, JPG, CAD drawings, Inventor 3D, Bentley TG4 and more) to PDF, PDF/A, TIFF formats or the secure Content Sealed Format (CSF).

OpenText™ Web Site Management for Microsoft®
allows designing resources for publishing corporate content on internet, intranet and extranet web servers. Publishing takes place using a simple and secure method. It connects the worlds of internal teams, customers and external partners.

OpenText™ Legal Documents (eDocs) for SharePoint Integration
is a robust system that simplifies the settings for work with documents following company standards and regulatory requirements. The settings are centralised for the SharePoint environment and allow connection to other ECM systems.

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