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Paperless office even for the authorities

Our electronic archive, a reliable repository for your whole company, complies with the EU regulation eIDAS as well as the Czech legislation.

OBELISK Trusted Archive is a secure and trustworthy document archive based on application of modern standards using the security elements of electronic signature/mark and timestamps.

Our solutions of document and process management using OBELISK Trusted Archive support long-term archiving and are based on general guidelines of work with documents and are fully compliant with the law.

Applications TreeINFO for SharePoint are fully integrated with the archive, giving users preview options of archived information directly within the interface of these solutions.

Documents are automatically processed and stored in formats suitable for long-term reliability.

Key features of OBELISK Trusted Archive:

  • Long-term archiving of electronic documents in accordance with the law.
  • Secure proof of origin of archived document and its existence over time.
  • Ensures document integrity and protection against unauthorised manipulation, loss and deletion.
  • Verification of document validity to confirm legal compliance.
  • Simple and fast document lookup in the electronic archive.
  • Integration with your existing information systems.

» Detailed information about OBELISK Trusted Archive

OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft® SharePoint

Archiving content using OpenText AGA for MS SharePoint ensures secure storage, substantial reduction of costs of SharePoint farms infrastructure and optimised size of SharePoint databases.

OpenText AGA for MS SharePoint allows you to set user access only to specific structures in line with internal rules and regulations of the company, control automatic creation of SharePoint websites, assignment of rights and apply lifecycle rules.

By saving content to OpenText AGA for MS SharePoint, you significantly increase its security by using encrypted content storage with the most stringent security protocols.

In addition, the solution works in on-premise, cloud, as well as hybrid Microsoft SharePoint environments.

Key features of OpenText AGA for MS SharePoint:

  • Automatic or interactive content archiving
  • Synchronization of active and archived documents
  • Accelerate and manage deployment of SharePoint websites
  • Extended Records Management policies
  • Management of paper and other physical items outside SharePoint
  • Comprehensive archiving of documents, lists and websites
  • Support of collaboration on content stored outside SharePoint
  • Use of global certificates and standards
  • Advanced content lookup
  • Support of own content sources
  • Easy customer development
  • Support of expanded integration with content in SAP systems
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